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series: DC Comics
name: Stephanie Brown
age: 20
sex: Female
race: Human
weight: 130
height: 5'5"
canon point:
previous cr: N/A

history: Stephanie Brown was born to Arthur and Crystal Brown, and the family of three enjoyed a modest life for a time. Arthur was an actor in a television series and Crystal worked as a nurse in one of Gotham's hospitals. But this happy family wouldn't last for long. Arthur's show was canceled and the family became impoverished.

In order to prevent his family from falling further into poverty, Arthur became a costumed criminal and started calling himself "Cluemaster." However, this career didn't work out well for him and he was constantly in and out of jail, leaving Stephanie to be raised mostly by her mother.

During one of the times that Arthur was out of jail, Stephanie was almost raped by a man who was babysitting her. He died about a week later from a drug overdose, but Stephanie would always wonder whether her father had anything to do with the man's death.

As she grew older, Stephanie began to hate her father for his life of crime, especially since it was something that he wasn't even good at, as indicated by his frequent arrests.

By the time she had reached her teens, Steph had decided that the best way to put a stop to her father's criminal activities was to intervene. She designed and sewed a costume of her own, taking on the secret identity of the Spoiler. Under this guise she followed her father and left clues to "spoil" his plans. The next time that Batman and Robin apprehended the Cluemaster, Spoiler joined in, helping the dynamic duo.

Once her father had been caught, though, Stephanie continued to fight crime as the Spoiler, enjoying the thrill of running around on Gotham's rooftops at night and taking bad guys down. She would frequently team up with Robin and began to develop feelings for the other teen, although she was often frustrated by the fact that he knew her civilian identity and she had no clue who he was.

During the earthquake that resulted in Gotham being labeled as a "No Man's Land," Stephanie's career as Spoiler came to a halt when she discovered that she was pregnant. The father of her child was her former boyfriend, Dean. His family had fled the city after the earth quake.

With the support of her new boyfriend, the current Robin (whose real name she still didn't know,) Stephanie decided that she wasn't going to abort the pregnancy, but that she would put the baby up for adoption. Robin was with her through this entire ordeal, adopting the civilian persona of Alvin Draper and taking her to Lamaze classes. He wore sunglasses the entire time, as a way of continuing to preserve his real identity.

As their relationship continued, Stephanie often got jealous. A factor that continued to contribute to their many arguments and misunderstandings the fact that Stephanie still didn't know Robin's real name. And when Tim Drake (Robin) left to attend a nearby boarding school, he had even less time in which to see Stephanie.

It was during this period in time that Batman offered to help train Spoiler how to fight more effectively. He also told her that Robin's real name was Tim Drake. She hunted him down at his boarding school, Brentwood Academy, but encountered Alfred Pennyworth instead. Frustrated with the lack of information that Alfred was willing to provide her, Stephanie left and found Robin on her own, revealing that she knew who he really was, much to his displeasure.

When Robin was around less, Stephanie became friends with Batgirl. Initially she thought that the other girl was a little odd. She admired her skills as a martial artist and fighter, but Batgirl rarely spoke, leaving Stephanie unsure as to what she should make of her. In time, though, the two of them began to spend time together, often working together.

Although Batgirl really liked Stephanie, she was a much more experienced fighter and tended to take a no nonsense approach to things. This resulted in Stephanie being knocked over the head on occasion, so that she wouldn't get herself hurt.

While she was working with Batgirl, Spoiler also received training from the Birds of Pray, at Batman's recommendation. Although that soon came to an end when Batman decided that Stephanie didn't have the skill to be a vigilante and asked that the training be stopped.

Meanwhile, Stephanie's father was still in jail and took on a mission with the Suicide Squad. He was declared dead and Stephanie, angry at her father's irresponsibility, dressed as Spoiler and went into Gotham city alone, looking for something to take out her anger on. She ended up bringing down Riddler, and was able to attempt to move on from what she perceived as her father's betrayal of her and her mother.

Some time after this, Tim quit being Robin, at his father's wishes. Once she learned of this, Stephanie created her own Robin costume and went to Batman, asking for a chance to be the new Robin. He agreed on the condition that if she ever disobeyed him, her time as Robin would be over.

Her partnership with Batman lasted a little over two months, and she worked hard to earn the title of Robin. But she did eventually disobey one of Batman's orders and after the mission was complete, he fired her.

Upset by this, and wanting to prove herself worthy, Stephanie used the Batcomputer to find and activate one of Batman's War Games plans. But Batman hadn't trusted her with all of the details and she was unaware that the crucial figure in the plan, Matches Malone, was actually one of Batman's aliases. Because of this, it didn't take long for the plan to derail, resulting in a city-wide gang war.

Since Matches Malone was missing from the game, Batman brought in Orpheus to fulfill that role. Stephanie found Orpheus, but he was killed by the Black Mask shortly after. Spoiler was allowed to live, but was taken and tortured for information. She refused to tell Black Mask anything and, after some time, was rescued by Catwoman and taken to Dr Leslie Thompkins to be treated.

However, Stephanie was too gravely injured and it was believed that she had died. What actually happened was that another body was buried in Stephanie's place and, following accusations that she had allowed Stephanie to die, Dr Thompkins went to practice medicine in Africa, taking Steph with her.

The two of them spent a year together in Africa, with Stephanie helping Leslie to care for the people there. As the year came to an end, one of the villages that they were working in came under attack. Stephanie wasn't in the village at the time, but noticed the attack from afar. She threw together a vigilante costume from some random items that she found and went in to save the day. This incident reminded her of how much she'd enjoyed being Spoiler back in Gotham and she decides to return home.

Once back in Gotham, she donned the Spoiler costume once again and went out into the city to fight crime. She's confronted by an angry Robin who believed that she was someone impersonating Spoiler. He cornered her and was about to unmask her when she asked him not to, calling him Tim. The use of his real name caused Robin to hesitate and they are interrupted by Sin Fang. Stephanie was able to escape without having her identity revealed, but Robin had planted a tracer on her and he and Batman followed her back to her apartment.

Angered when she realized that they had followed her and were accusing her of impersonating Spoiler, Stephanie took off her mask, revealing who she was. Tim immediately picked her up and kissed her. She asked him to slow down and is then welcomed back into the Batfamily.

Batman and Robin took Spoiler to the Batcave where she explained to them and Alfred what had really happened regarding her "death." After explaining everything to them, Stephanie went to the hospital to talk to her mother and show her that she had never died. She is reunited with Crystal and moves back into her mother's house.

Since Stephanie had appeared to be dead for a year and hadn't told anyone, things quickly got tense between her and Tim. In the time that Steph had been away, Tim had gotten a new girlfriend and Stephanie expressed jealousy over this. Matters were further complicated by Stephanie hiding things from Tim under Bruce's orders. It didn't take long for Tim to figure out that she'd been hiding things from him and he became angry with her for it.

Despite these issues Tim asked Stephanie to accompany him as Spoiler when he went to the Titans Tower to quit the Teen Titans team. Stephanie met a few of the Teen Titans and Wondergirl made a comment about her joining the team which was quickly shot down by Robin. After Robin has handed leadership of the team over to Wondergirl, he and Spoiler headed back to Gotham.

Things in Gotham hadn't been going so well, especially with the absence of Batman, followed by his apparent death. Nobody was certain where he was, but he had left Stephanie orders to "make Robin better," something that she was accomplishing by hiring villains to cause trouble in the city so that Robin would fight them. However, as often happened with Stephanie's plans, things quickly fell apart and Tim realized that she had been hiding her actions from him.

She confessed that she had done the things that he accused her of - hiring Scarab and other villains - but that she had only done so under Batman's orders. Nothing that she said was able to talk Tim down though and he told her that he didn't want to catch her in the Spoiler costume ever again before leaving. But she was unable to follow Tim's order, dressing up as Spoiler once again and foiling Nocturna's attempt to rob a high society ball. Afterwards, she confronted Tim again and he told her that he was leaving Gotham to the care of the new Batman and Robin and asked her to look out for herself while he was away.

With the recent death of Batman and Tim's absence, Stephanie decided to enroll herself in college and start a new life as a normal girl. Her mother was under the impression that she'd given up on fighting as a vigilante, but Stephanie couldn't stay out of costume for long and teamed up with Batgirl to take some villains down. After they were done fighting though, Cassandra took off the Batgirl costume and told Stephanie that she didn't want to be Batgirl anymore and was leaving the costume to her.

Setting the Spoiler costume aside, Stephanie started patrolling Gotham as Batgirl instead. Although many of the people who were familiar with Batgirl wondered who she was since Stephanie's fighting style differed greatly from Cassandra's. After a rough night out that very nearly ended in disaster, Stephanie went back home and thought about maybe giving up crime fighting. It didn't take her too long to dismiss that idea and she surveyed her Batgirl costume wondering if she might be able to repair the damage that had been done to it.

The next morning Stephanie was greeted by an angry Barbara Gordon in her mother's kitchen. It seemed that after Crystal had left for work, Babs had let herself in. She told Stephanie to give up the Batgirl title, but Steph didn't take too well to her criticism, telling Babs that it wasn't any of her business. Babs reminded Stephanie that she had been the first Batgirl so it was her business, but Stephanie still ignores her.

When Stephanie decided to attend the Gotham Harvest Festival with some friends from her college she quickly realized that a gang had spiked the punch with drugs that were making people behave aggressively. Luckily she had the Batgirl costume with her and she chose to put it on and fight on behalf of her friends, rather than run away. While she was in costume Babs, as Oracle, contacted Stephanie using the communication system that was built into the Batgirl suit.

They met in the Batcave and Oracle tried to persuade Stephanie, once again, to give up being Batgirl, telling her that everybody knows she's not Cassandra and even threatening to tell her mother about Stephanie's vigilante night life.

Stephanie once again brushed what Oracle had said aside, determined to see something through for once. In spite of herself, Oracle admitted that Stephanie reminded her a little bit of herself and she decided to help train her, even giving Steph her own Batgirl suit.

Now that she had some help Stephanie excelled at being Batgirl, although this success was not without a few slip-ups. At one point she accidentally hit the new Robin, Damian, with a freeze-a-rang in an attempt to help put out a fire. While she succeeded, she also temporarily froze Robin in a block of ice, causing both Batman (Dick) and Robin to be unimpressed with her.

Although Stephanie and Damian were often unable to be around each other without bickering, they were still able to set aside their differences and team up when they needed to. Damian did usually try to ditch Steph during these times, convinced that she would just slow him down, but she was able to keep up, eventually earning his grudging respect.

For her part, Stephanie saw Damian as an insufferable little brat until she realized that he had been raised as a weapon and didn't even know how to have fun like a normal ten-year-old. This gave her a new understanding of the young boy and she went out of her way a few times to make him experience some of the things that she had enjoyed as a child. She even made him bounce with her in a bouncy castle, teasing him about how he was actually enjoying it.

As Batgirl Stephanie also had the opportunity to team up with other vigilantes, making friends with Supergirl and even teaming up with Tim again when he returned to Gotham. At first Tim, now going by Red Robin, insisted that he didn't need Stephanie's help, but he ended up having to ask for it anyway. Once he saw how capable Stephanie had become as Batgirl he admits that he might have been wrong about her. Together - and with the help of their vigilante friends - Batgirl and Red Robin foiled Ra's Al Ghul's plans to kill everyone that Tim loved or cared about.

After that disaster was averted, Stephanie returned to working mostly on her own, with backup from Oracle. It wasn't long, though, before a third member was added to their team. Wendy, the daughter of the villain "Calculator" joined Oracle in providing backup to Batgirl as Proxy. Angered by the fact that his daughter had been "taken away from him," Calculator came after Oracle and succeeded in capturing her.

With Wendy's help Batgirl was able to save Oracle and defeat the Calculator. Having seen that Stephanie and Wendy were capable of handing things on their own, Oracle left them on their own, using her free time to take care of other things.

Things were looking up for Stephanie when she uncovered plans for a theft and assassination. Unable to get anybody else's attention Stephanie decided to take down the assassin on her own, pinpointing his location and confronting him before he was able to fire his weapon. However, when Stephanie approached the assassin, he unmasked, revealing himself to be Bruce Wayne and congratulating her on passing his test. Angered by Bruce's manipulation of her Stephanie slapped him across the face before realizing that she hadn't thought before hitting him. She ran away after that, embarrassed, and calling back that she was glad he was alive.

The next time that she saw Bruce, Stephanie apologized for hitting him, but pointed out that she had more than proven herself capable as Batgirl and she wasn't going to give up the title even if he told her to. At that Bruce asked her if she really wanted to be Batgirl and she's able to continue wearing the costume with his approval.

Batman's return meant that Oracle became even busier with other things that she needed to do and she left Stephanie and Wendy on their own. They discovered that Batman had taken the time to redo their entire base of operations, using money from the newly founded Batman Inc to do so. Proxy and Batgirl worked well together for a time before Wendy decided that she needed to take a break and figure some things out on her own.

Babs broke the news to Stephanie, commenting that it looked like Batgirl was going to be on her own. Batgirl responded by grinning and saying that a team of one sounded good to her. She had grown a lot in the time she had spent working with others and felt newly confident and ready to take on whatever Gotham threw at her.

alternate history: Instead of facing down Bruce Wayne in the Insider suit, she continued to act on her own, occasionally teaming up with other people - Batman and Robin, Red Robin, Super Girl. Bruce Wayne never reappeared and Gotham's vigilantes learned to excel at holding down the fort without Bruce, although there are still a few people who haven't given up on the possibility of the original Batman's return.

Stephanie continued to lead her double-life. College student by day, Batgirl by night or whenever the necessity arose. She works almost primarily with Proxy, occasionally still working with Oracle, although she does make a point of dropping in and talking to Babs on a regular basis still.

Her secret life as Batgirl is still unknown to her mother, (as far as she knows) and she plans to keep it that way for as long as possible.

While the continued lack of Bruce's presence means that he never personally gave Stephanie his blessing as Batgirl that's not something she dwells on too much. She has Oracle's blessing and the former Batgirl trusts her enough to allow her and Proxy to work together without her assistance. Batman and Robin mostly leave Steph to her own devices as Batgirl although she doesn't mind teaming up with them if needed. Really, she enjoys working with the others, especially now that they don't treat her as if she's unwanted.

Stephanie knows that she can't undo the mistakes that she's made in the past, but she continues to stubbornly and optimistically press forward despite that.

Financially, Batgirl doesn't have the backing that Bruce Wayne could provide, but it wasn't strictly necessary to her anyway. Batgirl had transportation, weapons, and gear courtesy of Oracle before Bruce reappeared. The facilities that she and Proxy work out of might not be as state of the art, but they certainly aren't wanting for anything.

personality: NOTE: There are some examples in this section that reference actions that Stephanie took in the OU for her canon. While these specific events did not occur, they're still valid examples of her behavior.

The first thing that's immediately noticeable about Stephanie is that she's incredibly talkative. She has the tendency to continue talking even when circumstances dictate that it's not necessarily appropriate, and she'll often hold internal monologues with herself. On occasion those "internal" monologues will be held out loud which can result in some moments of awkwardness depending on what Steph has said and how she has to cover for herself afterwards.

She also banters when she's fighting, making smart-ass remarks to distract her enemies. Many members of the Batfamily do this, save for Bruce, and Stephanie often gives Damian, the new Robin, a difficult time about his lack of humor regarding this.

Despite her making fun of him, Steph is more fond of Damian than she would admit. She's saddened by his lack of a normal childhood, and tries to understand what's made him the way that he is. Once she realizes the reasons behind his attitude Stephanie becomes much friendlier towards him, trying to get him to open up and have fun the way that a normal child should. However, she's still amused by Damian's lack of social skills especially concerning children his own age.

The original animosity between them aside, Stephanie and Damian actually work quite well together as a team. Even if he is a socially awkward, angry midget most of the time, Steph can appreciate Damian's desire to break free from under his grandfather's thumb and do good as Robin. She can also understand his desire to seek Batman's approval.

As Spoiler, Steph was constantly trying to gain acceptance into the Batfamily. Initially Tim seemed to accept her, working with her often. But after her supposed death he tries to convince her to give up her night life. Their relationship has always been rocky because Tim feels the need to control everything in his life and Stephanie has a rebellious streak. As someone who has disobeyed Batman, she's not going to listen to Tim if she feels like he's being hardheaded about something.

Previously when it came to Tim, Stephanie was mostly emotional about her involvement with him. She tended to react with her heart rather than her head, getting jealous of other girls that he talked to and shutting him out instead of talking things through or listening to what he had to say.

Now, although she still respects Tim as Red Robin and a teammate, Stephanie has more emotional distance from him. She works well with him and she can't entirely ignore her former feelings for him, but she's grown enough to realize that they aren't good for each other in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. At one point, they almost kiss and Steph pulls back telling Tim that she can't do this right now. Her focus is now more on discovering who she is as a person than dating and having to deal with the emotional turmoil of being in a relationship.

While Tim did initially allow Spoiler to fight alongside him, Batman did not approve of Stephanie's attempts to be a vigilante. Even though Tim's acceptance of her was important she still wanted to have Batman's trust and respect. There have been a few times when he's given her a chance - asking the Birds of Prey to train her and allowing her to be Robin - but in both instances his end judgement was that she just didn't have the skill or dedication.

When he asked the Birds to stop training her, that did little to discourage Steph from continuing on as she had before. Even without Batman's blessing, Stephanie is too stubborn to back down from doing exactly what she wants to do. After he fires her from being Robin, she steals one of his War Game plans and sets it into motion, causing a citywide gang war and resulting in the deaths of countless innocents. This is all done in an attempt to prove to Batman that she really does have what it takes.

Even though the number of deaths caused by her lack of information on the plans is regrettable, it's not enough to convince Steph to stick to a normal life. She loves the thrill that comes with running the rooftops at night and she enjoys being able to save people and make a difference. Really, when it comes down to it, Stephanie can't bring herself to walk away from the life of a vigilante. Even when she thinks about giving it up, the next night will find her in costume bringing justice to the wicked.

Although Batman had previously never given Stephanie his approval he asked Cassandra to hand the Batgirl costume over to Steph when he died. It's her chance to prove herself once and for all but she doesn't realize that this test was orchestrated by Bruce. She does know that when he came back from being "dead" he tested her. This angered her and she slapped him without thinking about her actions and the consequences they might have.

Despite this rough reunion it's clear that Stephanie now has Bruce's approval as Batgirl. This does make it easier for her to work with the Batfamily and it comes with nice benefits; such as the gadgets that Bruce's money can give her access to, something that Stephanie was excited to discover. She reacts with elation upon discovering the new headquarters that Wayne Corp has provided Batgirl with. Her reaction is almost childish as the first thing she does is play with the new gadgets without any real purpose other than to revel in how cool they are.

Even though she does like having Batman's approval, she doesn't crave it as much as she did before. Her own improved abilities have given her more confidence in herself. This was helped along by the attitudes of those close to Batman. When Stephanie first started wearing Cassandra's Batgirl suit, Oracle cornered her and demanded that she quit. Stephanie's stubbornness prevailed once again and, despite threats to tell her mother about what she was doing, Steph wouldn't give up the Batgirl suit. It didn't take long for Oracle to cave since she saw a determination in the younger woman that reminded her of herself from when she'd been Batgirl. Oracle presents Stephanie with her own Batgirl suit and vows to help her in anyway that she can.

This is the first time that an adult other than Batman has offered to help her of their own accord without an ulterior motive. Stephanie becomes close to Oracle as they work together and Barbara, Oracle's civilian identity, even gets a job at Stephanie's college so that it will be easier for the younger woman to contact her. Steph often drops by Barbara's office just to chat and they seem to enjoy each other's company once Babs gets over her original anger at Steph taking the role of Batgirl. Barbara is truly a mentor to Stephanie and the younger girl looks up to her for support and advice.

Of the other members of the Batfamily, Cassandra is the closest to Stephanie. When Steph was still Spoiler and Cass was Batgirl the two were best friends, often working together. Although Cass' method of looking after Steph when she got in over her head was to remove her from the fight by knocking her out. Stephanie still considers Cassandra to be a good friend, but the two of them haven't seen each other very much in recent canon.

Cassandra, under Bruce's orders, gave Steph the chance to prove herself as Batgirl. From the moment that Stephanie first met Cassandra, she admired the other girl's fighting ability. Their friendship is a little unlikely considering how different they are. Stephanie is constantly talking and Cassandra didn't learn how to talk until she was older and she doesn't talk unless there's something that she needs to say. Even so, Stephanie enjoys spending time with Cassandra and working with her.

After Bruce went missing, and shortly before Steph stepped in as Batgirl, Dick Grayson became the new Batman. Out of the Batfamily members Dick was the one who was the most against Steph's role as Batgirl. He eventually came to accept it, but Batgirl doesn't often work with him, teaming up with Robin or Red Robin instead. The first time that she worked with Dick and Damian, she accidentally froze Damian in ice which did not help Dick's opinion of her.

As it is, Stephanie doesn't have a strong opinion of Dick one way or another. He was the first Robin and is a very capable fighter so she can respect that. If the situation calls for it, she doesn't mind following his lead, but Steph fights on her own more often than she teams up with Dick.

Stephanie does generally try to get along with everybody, aside from those that she considers to be in the wrong or who lead a life of crime. She has a soft spot for the children of criminals, especially considering that she is one herself. She dislikes adults that will use children for their own means and does her best to defend these kids and try to set them on the right track. In one instance she even went undercover and got herself shot trying to protect someone that was her friend. The boy's father was corrupt and she was concerned that he was going to let that drag him down and ruin his life.

Even though she's been through some tough times and in some difficult and horrific situations, including being tortured and almost dying, Stephanie generally tends to be outwardly optimistic. She's good at outwardly bouncing back from the things that she's been through and she generally appears to be very cheerful and bubbly. This is especially true of her civilian self. Stephanie is almost always smiling and is good at acting cheerful and deflecting the worries of those who care about her.

She doesn't let being in a bad situation get her down and as long as she's still breathing, she's going to keep going and fighting for what she believes in. This is something that she hangs onto stubbornly even when everybody else is telling her not to or that she can't or shouldn't do something. Stephanie does what she thinks is right. And this has occasionally led her to do quite a bit of unintentional damage.

Stephanie's not very good at looking before she leaps. Once she gets an idea into her head, she's going to see it through and if the plan is to the detriment of others she is unable to realize this until she's too late. This is what happened when Steph got her hands on Bruce's War Game plan. When Bruce created the plan, he took all the details carefully into account. He's very calculated in all that he does, in contrast to Steph who often acts on her emotions. This is especially true if she feels like she has something to prove.

However, Stephanie is older now, and marginally more cautious. She has learned from her past mistakes, but she still has a tendency to rush headlong into things. This is part of what puts her at odds with Damian who seems to view her as a reckless, silly girl when he first meets her. While the rest of the Batfamily is either older or, in Cassandra and Damian's cases, trained from a young age to control emotional impulses Stephanie is really just a normal girl.

The rest of them have various reasons for fighting like they do, whether it's to ensure that no more orphans are created or to break free from the control of a corrupt family. Stephanie originally donned her costume to help catch her father and stop his criminal ways, but she kept wearing it for the thrill and because she enjoyed spending time with Robin.

While she doesn't have the training that the rest of them do Steph is incredibly resourceful. Before she had any real weapons to aid her fight against the villains of Gotham, she used her surroundings to her advantage. At one point she even hits the third Robin in the face with a brick when he makes her angry. She's not afraid to get into a fight and throw some punches either. And she can have a bit of a temper at times, hitting Bruce when she feels like he's tricked her, for example.

When Stephanie gets angry she often lashes out without thinking, whether that be with words or fists. If she can't get at the cause of her wrath, she's likely to put on her vigilante costume and find someone in the city that deserves a good beating. In the past she has also ignored people when they've angered her. When she sees another girl flirting with Tim she refuses to talk to him for weeks, jealous of the other girl and convinced that Tim must be cheating on her.

As she's grown and matured Stephanie is less likely to react in such an extreme way, but she still has a temper. She doesn't like to see people get away with wrongdoing and has a tendency to get a little emotionally involved in her deliverance of justice. Stephanie has, however, grown enough to realize that sometimes the way in which she lashes out is inappropriate. After she hits Bruce she feels badly and she does apologize for it which is more than her younger self would have done.

She dislikes being lied to, since her father often lied to her when she was a child and even the other vigilantes in her world hid their identities from her, even though they knew hers. Despite this, Stephanie doesn't seem to be too distrustful of people that she's just met, especially if they're a civilian. She actually seems to have something of a fondness for the civilians that she meets and does her best to look out for them. It's if she feels that someone has lied to her that Steph gets angry and hurt, even though she's told plenty of lies herself.

abilities/powers: Even before deciding to become a vigilante, Stephanie excelled at both gymnastics and martial arts. This is probably a decent part of why Batman agreed to train her at all, since he saw that she might have potential. She's also skilled at sewing, having made her own Spoiler costume (although her Batgirl books insinuate that she's unable to sew.) Canon also infers that Stephanie is adept at handling various vehicles since she's driven cars and had no issues with learning how to operate the ricochet that Oracle gives her. She also has some medical training, including CPR and tending to minor injuries. In addition to that, Stephanie has some computer skills and is able to effectively use the gadgets that she uses as Batgirl.

first person sample: Here

third person sample: "Mmmm…. Five more minutes." Stephanie grumbled, turning to bury her face in the pillow and pulling the covers up over her head.

"Come on now, Miss Brown." The voice was patient, soft, and feminine, but definitely not the voice that Stephanie had been expecting to hear.

She turned back over, sitting up abruptly and blinking for a moment while her sleep-muddled brain processed her sudden movement. As she silently stared at the nurse addressing her and telling her that it was time for breakfast, Steph mentally went over what she remembered before waking up here. It didn't look like any sort of hospital that she'd been in before, despite the nurses uniform, and Stephanie had landed herself in hospitals more than she cared to admit. Her mom also worked in one and she'd been to see her mother at work quite a bit.

"Crap." She'd been running around as Batgirl. That was the last thing she remembered, and she definitely wasn't wearing any sort of mask or anything right now. Not that it would have mattered, since the nurse had called her by her name. Where was she and how did the people here know her name? No matter how she looked at it, this situation was definitely not good.

The nurse's eyebrows arched slightly at Stephanie's word choice. "Excuse me?"

"Huh?" Stephanie turned her attention back to the nurse. Had she said that out loud? "Oh! Oops. I meant, breakfast. Yum! What are we having today? Waffles? I really like waffles."

She was babbling and she knew it. But the continuous stream of words allowed her to observe the facility while providing the nurse with something of a distraction. Stephanie glanced around the room as she slid her feet into the waiting slippers and followed the nurse into the hallway. Might as well try the direct approach and see where it got her.

"So. Where are we again?"

"Landel's Institute, Miss Brown. Surely you haven't forgotten." The look that the nurse gave her was patient, almost patronizing.

"Nope!" Stephanie beamed at the nurse. "Just testing you."

Landel's Institute, huh? That sounded like some sort of mental hospital. Where there any other types of hospitals that were typically called "institutes"? If she was in a mental institute, this was going to be… interesting, to say the least. Had these people found her in the Batgirl suit? She didn't remember engaging in any sort of combat that could have knocked her out though. At least not recently.

Man. Babs was going to murder her if Batgirl's civilian identity had been blown. Well, not exactly murder, since there was that whole "no killing" thing, but it was definitely not going to be fun.

Her internal monologue was interrupted by the nurses hand on her shoulder. Stephanie blinked at the other woman. "Uh. Yes?"

Crap. The nurse had probably said something.

"I asked if you would like to get yourself a tray so that you can eat breakfast. Or do you require assistance?" The nurse did not look amused.

Yeah. She'd said something.

"Oh. I've got it. Thanks though." Stephanie gave the nurse a slightly awkward smile while inwardly hitting herself. Way to pay attention, Steph.

She grabbed a tray from the stack and walked down the cafeteria line, reminded somewhat of high school. Except there hadn't been a nurse shadowing her in school.

Details, right? And oh, look. They did have waffles. Steph plopped a few onto her tray, grabbing some fruit and a cup of coffee as well. Once she was done, the nurse steered her towards an already-occupied table and pulled out a chair for her.

"Enjoy your breakfast Miss Brown."

Stephanie raised an eyebrow (she was capable of pulling out her own chair, thanks) and sat down. She sighed, spearing one of the waffles on her fork and raised her gaze to the pink-haired girl she was apparently having breakfast with. "So. What kind of weirdo place is this anyway?"

It was too early to gauge exactly how much she could say to this girl. For all she knew, all of the other people here were supposed to be here. The last thing she wanted to do was get herself into more trouble than she was already in and she had the amazing tendency to do just that.

case no: No preference.


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